Monday, July 8, 2013

Published...even if its #selfpublished Feels So Good! lol

 Campagna by Amie Gallette

 ~Afraid to love, a beautiful doctor divorces her husband, joins Medec ins Sans Frontieres, fleeing New York City and her emotions, for Myanmar. But a mysterious woman helps her realize that what she left behind might be worth the pain. ~

~A short romance story perfect for a summer afternoon on the beach, this 'harlequin' type love story follows one modern woman's struggles with relationships and love in modern day New York City. The highs and lows of a love story are never more enjoyable to experience as when they are safely observed within a book. :) So sit back and escape for a bit into a exotic glamorized world where love and loss are just a page turn away.~

 Available at:
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